An Event…

                A Reason to Celebrate
                                              AN OCCASION TO REWARD OR CONGRATULATE.
  • Our aim is to help our Clients achieve their short term and long-term objectives
  • To provide exceptional service through constant communication and delivering the final product.
  • We constantly research and develop new strategies and ideas to benefit our clients.
  • We infuse creativity and freshness in their marketing approach and operations.

Because of our solid production base, our association with very creative professionals, designers and production specialists, backed up by solid, unshakeable logistics and production standards we can offer our clients the best results.

If you are in the process of planning A Corporate event, An Award Ceremony, A Gala Dinner, A Birthday Celebration, A Fair or Festival, A themed Party or a live Event, let us make it memorable.

Featured Services

If you feel too stressed about looking at Venues and their facilities.

What we Do?

Once we receive a brief on the event, we give you 3 options of Venue’s that will best suit your requirement. We also look into menu options sharing the same with you.

Once you have approved the Venue, we work on the floor plan. We mock up a setup according to the Ballroom sizes give to us by the Venue.

On approval of the Venue, we can coordinate directly with the Venue Contacts with regards to the Following:

  • DTCM permits if required
  • Artist Management
  • Contractor Documents
  • Insurances if required

In the Brief:

When you are ready to brief us on your event, please ensure you provide us with the following information:

  • Event Date
  • Event Location: Do you prefer an Indoor Venue or an Outdoor Venue? Any nearby preferred location?
  • Event Timings: Day Event or Evening Dinner or anything else
  • No of Persons:
  • Type of Cuisine

Worried about what goes where?

Here is a short brief on the basics of Branding for an Event. Lets take Conferences into consideration.

What are the most important elements for your Conference?

The MAIN Stage

We can design your stage once we receive a brief from you. A standard stage for a medium sized Conference is around 9mts Wide x 4mts Depth x 60cms Height.

The design will include the backdrop for the Stage which can be printed on Flex material or if you have the budgets, we can also use an LED Wall.

Other Basic Elements for Branding

  1. Roll-up banners
  2. Pop-up banners
  3. Media Wall: on an Average the Media wall sizes would be 4mts Wide x 2.44mts Height, We recommend having the Media Wall placed where there is less noise of delegates walking around because the noise will interfere when any of your top VIP’s have been Interviewed.
  4. Red Carpet Entrance: This red carpet can be branded as well if required with the Logo of the Event.

Let us know your requirement and we can catch up to discuss the above and much more in details.

The Most tricky and techie part of your Event

This is one that most clients have been confused about. Many a times, we have noticed Venues saying that they have the sound suitable for the Event. We request all clients to insist on the list of equipments the Venue provides as Complimentary or at a lower rate.

We specialise in what we do and hence we recommend the best of Sound, Lights and Video Services. Please look at our section on AV Production and Rental on what we offer and how we plan to execute your Event.


Global coverage for consecutive and simultaneous interpreters available for all needs, from business meetings to conferences to legal hearings.

Interpreting for Events – Shows, conferences, exhibitions, seminars and meetings Qualified professional Interpreters in many languages.

Specialist in Arabic <>English Interpreting

Interpreting equipment

Including booths, headsets and AV equipmentProfessional installation of all equipment on siteQualified technical engineers providing support for the full duration of the event