Max Events Dubai is hosting the first “STAY AT HOME SINGING CONTEST” to engage the citizens and residents in United Arab Emirates from the COMFORT of their HOMES.

STAY AT HOME SINGING CONTEST with its Theme “HOPE RISES THROUGH MUSIC” boosts and uplifts HOPE through their Passion in Singing and Music. We aim to show that good things happen amidst trails and struggles.

Make your #STAYATHOME experience fun and meaningful. Be an inspiration and express yourself through music. Let your voice be heard in these silent moments and make the best out of it.

All you need is a Mobile Phone!!! The Stay at Home Singing Contest is FREE for all.



Age 7 - 12 years



AED 500/-


Age 13 - 18 years



AED 1000/-


Age 19 and above



AED 2000/-


Family Jam



AED 3000/-



#Stayhome #Staysafe #Stayhomesingalong

  • This contest is open for everyone who has a talent in singing and passion for music.
  • There will be no entrance or submission fees to participate for the contest.
  • Videos for submission should not be more than 3 minutes including the introduction.
  • Performance should be in English – can be a cover of an existing song or an original composition.
  • Only forms of singing such as a cappella, playback (recorded instrumental track) and instrumental accompaniment is allowed. (LIP SYNCING WILL RESULT TO DISQUALIFICATION)
  • Only videos that are submitted to the organizer’s contest webpage will be considered.


#Stayhome #Staysafe #Stayhomesingalong

Where is the contest taking place?

Stay At Home Singing Contest entirely takes place over the internet.

What is Stay at Home Singing Contest?

It is an online singing competition which engages the Citizens and Residents of United Arab Emirates to make the Stay at Home experience more relaxing and fun.

How much is the participation fee?

Participation is free of cost and with no hidden charges.

Who can participate?

Contestants across United Arab Emirates are invited to participate. Contestants compete in age categories.


Category 1: Soloists Ages 7 – 12

Category 2: Soloists Ages 13 – 18

Category 3: Soloists Ages 19 and above

Category 4: Family Jam

What are the video requirements?

  • Videos for submission should not be more than 3minutes including the introduction.
  • First part should be an introduction of the participant stating his or her name, year of birth and the contest category.
  • Second part of the video should be an introduction of the Participant explaining the song of their choice.
  • Third part of the video will be the participant’s performance.
  • Video should be in .mp4 or .mov format.
  • A Link should be shared with us on the form. The Video can be uploaded on any Cloud Drive Like Dropbox, Google Drive or a Youtube account.
  • We will then post the videos on our webpage which will enable people to vote accordingly.

What kind of performance is required?

  • Only forms of singing such as acappella, playback (recorded instrumental track) and instrumental accompaniment is allowed. (LIP SYNCING WILL RESULT TO DISQUALIFICATION)

Where to submit the video entry?

All entries should be submitted to www.maxeventsdubai.com/submit

Do I have to register? What is the process of submission?

Yes. You will be requested to register to submit your entry.

  • Create an account or register with your full details including Emirates ID number for verification.
  • Fill in the form and provide required details including the link to your entry video.

What is the process in determining the winners?

The winner of each Category will be determined through majority number of online votes. So sharing is caring…

How to accumulate number of votes?

Once you have submitted your entry on the contest webpage, a link will be generated which can be shared to your family and friends. Share the link and gather as much votes as you can!

How many people will win the contest?

There will only be 1 winner for each category and will be considered as the CHAMPIONS of this contest.

Will there be any prizes to win?

Yes. Absolutely.

  • Category 1 winner will receive AED 500/- cash prize
  • Category 2 winner will receive AED 1,000/- cash prize
  • Category 3 winner will receive AED 2,000/- cash prize
  • Category 4 winner will receive AED 3000/- cash prize

How to claim your prize?

You may email sah@maxeventsdubai.com or call +971 54 5144774 to inquire how to claim your prize.

Is it possible to get disqualified?

Yes. Below are points to consider:

  • Video content which are, but not limited to, the chosen song, song lyrics should not harm the reputation of the contest and the company. Violation of this rule may result to disqualification.
  • Avoid rough or obscene words in the course of the song.
  • Lip Syncing is not allowed. This will automatically result to disqualification.
  • Appearance and clothing of contestant and vocal or musical accompaniment of contestant must not have a frank and/or vulgar form and must match the age of the contestant.


Please be cautious with any organization, entity or individual that claims and requests for any monetary fund claiming its relation to this contest, platform or to Max Events Dubai-India.

Registering and participating for Stay at Home Singing Contest is 100% free of cost. Max Events Dubai-India and its employees will not ask for any fees to be paid in any form.

Should this occur, please ignore or report to sah@maxeventsdubai.com to avoid fraudulent situations.

If you need to Vote for any participant, you will need to login.

Steps to Participate

  1. Record your Video.
  2. Upload/Transfer your video file on any platform – Google Drive, Wetransfer, DropBox, Youtube
  3. Register on the Website with all information as required duly filled
  4. Paste the Video Link in the field
  5. Submit
  6. Once we receive the Link, Our team will verify the video to ensure that there is no abusive language used that are against the UAE laws.
  7. Once verified, Our team will approve the link
  8. The Participant will receive a confirmation message on the Video submission approval
  9. Thereafter the participant can share the link as provided on all social media platforms or email as per the participants wish in order to get maximum votes.

#Stayhome #Staysafe #Stayhomesingalong


You may now submit your Entries. Kindly fill up all details as mentioned on the form.

Important Dates to Remember!

  • April 9, 2020 – Start of video submission
  • April 14, 2020 – Portal opens up for voting
  • April 25, 2020 – Last day of submission
  • April 28, 2020 – Last day of voting
  • April 30, 2020 – Announcement of Winners