Audi A8L Launch in Dubai

Audi A8L Launch in Dubai

Audi A8L was launched at the Armani Hotel. Around 150 Audi top lined customers flew in from India on Emirates. The Launch was performed by world famous Illustionist Gaston. Nicholas Cage was the Guests for the Event. A Musical Flash-mob was also the main highlight for the Event. Our Scope of work included the following:

  1. Stage Build-up
  2. Mechanism for the Launch of the Audi A8L
  3. Hostesses
  4. Furniture rental
  5.  Entertainment
    • Musical Flashmob
    • Dj
    • Floating Tables serving Champagne
    • POI Dancers
  6. EMCEE
  7. Security Bouncers
  8. Photography & Videography
  9. Sound & Lights


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