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Team Building


A Moment for Team Bonding.

Camaraderie is one factor behind the success of every company, and this explains the passion of Max Events Dubai-India towards organizing team building events or team building activities for our corporate clients.

As we were given the opportunity to organize one of the most interactive, and must say, tiring but awesomely fun team building event for Doka Group. A 2-day event in Dreamland Aqua Park in Umm Al Quwain, our team building venue, which is purely of building relationships between departments, teams and colleagues.

A group of 200 people in one location, 12 teams who were in friendly competition with one another, each person was also individually tested as they undergo every activity during the event. It is always a challenge to conceptualize teambuilding activities as we look into what benefits our client, the company and its employees, what lesson will they be able to take home by end of the day because no matter how fun the event is, it will always be the lessons that we aim to instill that matters.

Managing a huge group for a team building is not easy as we tried our best to reach out to everyone and it is the reason why the program was divided into 3 parts:

1st Part – Warm up activities which helped in setting the mood of the participants

2nd Part – Strategic activities + Treasure Hunting which was a competition between the 12 teams

3rd Part – The Bridge Construction, wherein each team was given an instruction to build their own bridge with the materials we have provided. In the end these 12 bridges were tied together, making it a 1 long bridge and was called as the “DOKA BRIDGE”.

As event organizers in Dubai, the success of the event is about seeing our client happy and satisfied. And indeed, we have witnessed smiles from ear to ear, mini celebrations of victories and strong bond that was built during the process. We have witnessed people coming together, acknowledging that, despite cheering for their own separate teams, they are all part of one big group and that they are all working together towards one common goal, that is the most important piece of their experience that they can take home.


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