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Hostess/Promoters for a Trade Show/Exhibition

What usually happens at a Trade Show or so-called an Exhibition?

With your top sales team attending clients at the exhibition stand, they are certainly going to miss on promoting the product or brand to others. Brands spend a minimum of USD 15000/- for space rental only to exhibit at any trade show. To add up to the cost, they spend on Branding and giving their booth a good look and feel. A trade show can last for around 3 days. The first half of the first day is the opening day where you have government officials visiting the booth wherein the top sales agents get engaged. Visitors then hit on the stands to get info or even close on a deal. The Right spend on a hostess/promoter could be an icing on the cake. They are the forefronts for your exhibition stand.


Imagine the sales agent speaking to a visitor who is not a prospect and is just wasting the agents time. In this case, a good prospect might be missed. This is where the Hostess can play a perfect role. It can be planned as below:-

  1. Any visitor visiting the booth or exhibition stand, will be attended by the Hostess/promoter. She can screen the prospect by asking his business card and which product would be interested in? Thats more than enough to take the lead to the next level.
  2. The hostess/promoter will then hand over the details to the sales agent and get back to point A.

So here the sales agent is focused on the prospect without wasting much time.

Most mistakes made in recruiting a Hostess/Promoters

  1. Training:- We have noticed, most of the time, hostesses or promoters have not been briefed enough on the task they need to perform. In these cases, the hostess/promoters look numb when visitors attend the stand asking for details. A brief of the product is always important for any person who is attending visitors.
  2. Mis-match in Out-fit:- Is it Important? We say YES. It is important that the outfit of the hostess/promoter matches the brand colors atleast. This has been given least priority. These are the final touches for your exhibition stand to look good and attract more visitors. Think of your brand guidelines. Colors that would look good on the hostess/promoters.
  3. Expressions, posture, behaviour:- These are basics. We are particular in briefing our hostess/promoters while they are on-site. An Expression on the exhibition booth while speaking to visitors is so important. They can either chase or disgust the visitor who could be a prospect. An Elegant way of sitting, standing is so important. Posture while they sit is so important. Their behaviour on the exhibition booth is also a top priority for us as they represent a brand. They just cannot laugh loud, have a coffee or a tea when the show begins. We look deeply into all these characteristics of the hostess/promoters before we recommend them to you.

Hostess/Promoters for a Malls

WOW! is not something that is available as a feature set in a Hostess/Promoter.

Why do we say this?

We have all visited Malls in Dubai or in India. We have all seen Brands trying to push sales using promoters or hostesses. Do they really attract visitors? The answer is Yes. They do. They can. Provided they have the right attitude and a self-willingness to sell/promote your Brand. The package that has been offered to the Hostess/promoter could be one of a major incentive.


A Hostess at a Mall:- She can make or ruin the Brands Image

Why? Most Hostesses/promoters are left with your products promoting them all alone in Malls. Rarely we would find that any of your team members around monitoring them. Hence it is important to have the right recruit who understands and thereafter demonstrate/promote the product well. There are several times, we have noticed that Hostess/Promoters stay still at Kiosks especially Real Estate. They do not smile, do not try to promote the brand. Have you faced it? Did you notice the same?

The Hostess/Promoter needs to understand that “A Customer cannot be evaluated by his/her dress attire”

Hostess in Dubai

Hostess/Promoters for Events

A Hostess can be used at various Events right from Launch events to Carnivals to Conferences to Award Functions

We have organized several events in Dubai. We have recruited hostesses who have played a vital role in assisting us on-site. Below are a few noted departments within an event where we have placed hostesses.

  1. Registration desk
  2. Assistance in Trophies distribution at Award Functions
  3. Escorting guests to dedicated seating arrangements
  4. Product demonstration onsite
  5. Filling out Feedback forms
  6. Data capture

Do let us know your thoughts about the same. Feel free to get in touch with us for any further details or bookings.


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