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Launch of AVIV Clinics

As one of the top event management companies in Dubai, we were honored to plan and execute the Launch Ceremony of Aviv Clinics Dubai by DP World.

Launch of AVIV Clinics Dubai

Event Date:- 07 April 2021
AVIV Clinics Launch - The Aviv Medical Program has opened a new frontier to what many consider the biggest healthcare game-changer in decades: enhancing brain and body performance, and the reversing of the biology of aging.
The Launch

As one of the top event management companies in Dubai, we were honored to plan and execute the Launch Ceremony of Aviv Clinics Dubai by DP World. Aviv Clinics Dubai is the very first facility in the UAE and focuses on brain performance and its specialty wings, offers the latest advancements in assessing, treating, and improving cognitive and physical performance


The event was held at the Aviv Clinics Dubai Facility in JLT. The Event was held at the Clinics outdoor terrace space. A total of 15m x 16m was allocated for the launch. After visiting the location, we put our thoughts to ensure that the venue should accommodate 50 guests that consisted of 8 VVIP’s, 30VIP’s and 12 Media keeping in mind all COVD Protocols were adhered.


Turning around a venue which is an Open terrace space to a very comfortable event area, we created a temporary shade that was exactly of the venue. We started production 1 week before the event date and were confident that we were in a good position to start setup 3-days before the event.

The key to the launch was tech and hence we decided to launch the plaque in a way that will amaze our VIPs.

The Plaque Reveal. We created a mechanism where the original plaque was installed inside a podium and on activation, the plaque reveals itself from unseen to be seen.

2 Similar podiums were produced of MDF wood, one had an IPAD installed which was used to scan the palm of the VVIP and the second had the Plaque that had to be revealed. Both Podiums were placed on the stage.. The idea is once the VVIP scans his palm on the iPad, the plaque will get reveal on another podium. Simultaneously, the reveal was being replicated on the stage screen incorporating animations that equals the reveal.

The Key here was TIMING.

There are 10 key areas at the event which was handled by an Area Coordinator from our team to ensure smooth flow of our Guests’ Journey throughout the event.


  • Valet Area
  • Entrance Area
  • Registration Area
  • Catering Area
  • Pre-Function Area
  • Overflow Area
  • Media Area
  • Majlis Area
  • Main Event Area
  • Ribbon Cutting Area

The Launch Test


Services offered for the Launch:-

  • Concept and Design
  • Audio Video and Lighting solutions
  • Temporary Shading
  • Web Development for Live Streaming
  • On-site Branding
  • Carpeting
  • Furniture Rental
  • Launch Concept
  • Hostess
  • Valet Service for VVIPs and VIPs
  • Floral Centerpieces
  • Cooling Units (Air Conditioners)
  • Plaque – Platinum Finish
  • Customized Name Badges – 44 Aviv Employees, 7 Protocol Team, 20 Catering Team
  • Plaque Reveal Mechanism
  • Event On-site Registration – PVC Name Tags & Lanyards
  • Video Animation
  • Catering – International VIP Menu
  • Manpower
  • Photography and Videography