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Launch Event – Farz Facility by Imdaad

Launch of any product/facility really depends on how far you would want to take your creative skills to... Drop us a line and you can certainly try us..

Launch of Farz Facility

Event Date:- 03 February 2020
So the brief was pretty straight. The Facility had to be launched in a creative way and at the same time, we would need to communicate a message related to the environment. This is what we thought off.
The Launch

The Launch would simply mean the reveal of the entire facility equipment as below:-



The Facility has a height of 16mtrs. We initiated working on the specs of a Kabuki drop for the reveal of the machinery equipment. After the final site visit, we decided to position the ceremony in the centre of the facility

Farz facility launch in dubai


Taking center position we managed to get a space just perfectly enough to host or seat 200 guests. We customized the Curtains according to the size and reveal. Each curtain went up to around 14mtrs. The 3 Sides were rigged onto the Kabuki system. In short, the total length of the drop was around 100mtrs. Below is the diagram we worked on.


The red line indicates the Kabuki fall and the black line indicates the cover for the other sections of the machinery. The VIPs would have to place their hands on the IPAD for the launch. We ran a test a night before and were pretty excited about the opening. This is how the test looked like.


Services offered for the Launch:-