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Note to Event Planners

‘A Special Note to All Event Planners, Entertainers & Event Management Companies’

We all may plan an Event well, But have we thought of a Point that could be a serious failure to yourself and the Event overall. Below is a point that we feel every Event Management Company, Event Planners and Entertainers should take immediate note off:

 For an Event Planner
1. Make sure you have setup your time to Leave your Accommodation well in advance with enough of buffer time to reach the Event venue before the Event is scheduled to begin
2. When you wake up, Have a good cup of Coffee/Tea to keep you awake and cautioned while you drive.
3. If you can have a good healthy breakfast in the morning before you leave is an advantage
4. Make sure you wear a headset for your mobile before you start driving so that you can stay focused on the roads.

For an Entertainer

1. Try to avoid confirming bookings continuously on the same day. This will only reduce your performance level and quality to perform for an Event. You may not know that the last event you perform on the day may be the most important Event you may perform and receive more bookings than the Previous bookings.
2. If you have several bookings on the same day, please ensure that you have atleast a minimum of 3hours gap between each event to ensure that you can travel to your destination on time and refresh accordingly
3. Leave early for your events. Atleast report 30minutes before the event. Many a times, Entertainers arrive just 5 minutes before the event and start preparing which in turn effects not only your performance but would certainly interfere with the Organising Teams Checklist before the Event scheduled.
4. Once again leave early so that you do not need to Drive at a high speed to reach your destination

For an Event Management Company

1. The management or the Event Directors are the best to judge if the Ace Team that includes the Project manager and the Operations Manager need to stay back and report early on the Event Day.
2. If you know that they are your main executers, please ensure that you book a Hotel Room for them in the vicinity of the Event Venue so that they do not report late.
3. They are your key staff for the day of the event and hence, pamper them with love and care so that they have the energy to perform their tasks with ease and without stress

Please add your comments so that we bring a common rule for Event Organisers, Entertainers and Event Management Companies….

“Avoid Driving in a situation when you know your Mind is not at Ease”