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Design and Reality

Stage designing is our strength. Given the brief we can produce the best stage designs ever thought of. Keeping it simple clean and safe

Event Type: Annual Award Function of Sharjah Economic Department

An Accomplishment with Pride we call it. We won over the Bid. Three Consecutive years of winning the Bid is indeed an Achievement.

Why? Its simple, we worked very closely with the client in the planning stage. For us, a Planning stage would not only mean the Event Floor but the Look and Feel of the Entire Event. We provided 3 Different designs for the Awards Ceremony and One of them was selected.

The Design for the stage related to the Logo this year. Keeping in mind the Outer look of the Logo, we designed the stage layout accordingly.

The event was held at the Jawaher Convention Centre in Sharjah. The ballroom has a good height so we never had an issue in curving the stage accordingly. As an Event Management Company, it is our responsibility to ensure that the final look and feel of the Stage should be the same as the design produced and at the same time keeping a close eye on the safety of the stage platform as it was a custom based built design.

We used 18MM Mdf wood for the platform over steel decks. The stage took us over 6hours to complete.

The Lights was another element that we focused on keeping in mind that the outer line of the Stage was clearly visible.


We outlined the complete stage with LED strips.

We are proud once again to be a part of the planning and execution of one of the most important Events of the Sharjah Economic Department.

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