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Procurement Officers and Event Management Companies in Dubai

Event Management companies in Dubai
Procurement officers should be trained to make the right selection when it comes confirming an Event with an Event Management Company in Dubai. We as an Event Management Company offer clients/corporates the best quality for a Creative project as per the request we receive from an Employee who has been appointed to host an Event for their respective Company. This is what every Event Managment Company in Dubai would do to ensure that the client is satisfied. But does it matter at the END is a big question:
On receiving an enquiry:
1. An Event Management Company would first try to check on the budget the client has set for the event and in most cases the client would certainly not reveal the amount.
2. If the Event Management Company would get to know the clients budget, it is just like a blessing that we can work and propose a concept and if not,
3. The Event Management Company would create a concept that  is unique and add the best of Entertainers, ensure that the Production line is of top class using the best in Audio Visual/Staging, etc
4. On a successful concept created, the Event Management Company would create a Proposal with the total cost and present/email it to the Client.
5. This is when the Client comes back either saying that the concept is good and negotiates over the pricing.
6. Most Corporate appointed employee/event manager would agree and the proposal is signed and sent back.
7. However some corporate event managers would leave the proceedings of the negotiations with their Procurement officers, who in turn begin negotiating directly on the price where-in at some instances if possible the price/proposal agreed on is finalised and processed for a Local purchase order or a payment process.
8. Most of the Procurement officers would look at the Concept, share it with the other vendors and collect quotes accordingly which is not the best way of any business ethics, once they receive the final quotes where some event management companies under quote and win over the original event company who did all the hard work creating a concept and proposing the Client.
9. Yes it is annoying that Procurement officers at times treat Event companies like any other vendor that they forget that quality of entertainment cannot be negotiated upon since its Talent and every talent has its own value.
Procurement officers who negotiate with an Event Management Company should definitely not interfere in selecting an Event Company for their Events if they do not have the Experience in the same.

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