Team Building

As event organizers in Dubai, the success of the event is about seeing our client happy and satisfied and indeed, we have witnessed smiles from ear to ear, mini celebrations of victories and strong bond that was built during the process. We have witnessed people coming together, acknowledging that, despite cheering for their own separate teams, they are all part of one big group and that they are all working together towards one common goal, that is the most important piece of their experience that they can take home.

Launch Event – Farz Facility by Imdaad

Launch Event – Farz Facility by ImdaadConceptualized and Executed by Max Events Dubai Project Name: Launch of Farz Facility – Farz is a state-of-the-art Material Recovery Facility (MRF) by Imdaad Event Date:- 03 February 2020 So the brief was pretty straight. The Facility had to be launched in a creative way and at the same…


Dealers Meet – Apollo

The Apollo dealers meet was held at the Atlantis, the Palm hotel in Palm Jumeirah. A 2-day fun-filled event with Entertainment at its best along with Product Demonstration, Introduction to new Services and Product Training were the key elements of the event. Awards were handed over to the best dealers from India. Are you looking at hosting your next dealers meet event in Dubai? Call us +9714 4307446