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Entertainment – General Information

The Dancers that we suggest or recommend as an Event Management Company to book are Professionals in their field and perform with the passion and love for Dancing. Below are some important points to remember while booking a service in this Category:

1. Time Schedule is very important when booking a Dancer.

2. They perform according to No of Sets per session, for Example – A Belly Dancer will perform 2 sets of 15 minutes each at a particular given point of time.

3. Charges vary according to your requirement and for which we will inform you at the time of booking

4. Charges or Rates depends completely on the Season

DTCM Permissions

5. Please ensure that all DTCM (Entertainers) Permissions should be acquired well in advance, else we do not permit Our Entertainers to perform on the day of the Event. If we do not receive a Copy of the Permission, the Entertainers will not perform in whatever circumstances the Client may call for and Max Entertainment and Event Management Company is not responsible for this as the Client booking the service has to seek permissions directly from DTCM

6. These Dancers are professionals and hence, kindly respect them during the Show. Any type of Mis-behaviour by the Client will result in Stopping the Entertainer from performing further and the amount will be non-refundable.

7. A 100% Advance is required to book these Entertainers.

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